Seven ways to use coffee in drinks, desserts and main dishes

Many people mistake coffee as just a drink. However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy coffee. It is the effects that it elicits that makes people love coffee. If you do not savor coffee in drinks, you can still have a taste of coffee flavored desserts and foods. It has diverse uses in making delicacies. Drinks, dessert, and food that has coffee incorporated in them are relishing, say from their taste to their deep color. It goes right with everything since it has it all. Let’s say that everyone has that peculiar way that they enjoy coffee. Some of the ways it has been used in drinks, desserts and main dishes include;

Marinating meat

Even though any meat, say bacon, pork or beef has its flavor, its okay to add some flavor to make the meat suit your dish. Make a paste of your favorite meat rub and incorporate ground coffee. Leave the meat to remain covered with the paste for some hours or even overnight. Coffee serves to tenderize the meat, making it perfect to use in sandwiches and burgers. Nothing beats the flavor that comes along with a coffee rub on veggies, chicken when making a turkey burger. Also, for chicken, you can dip your chicken in a cocktail of ground coffee, and ginger roots. When left overnight, the chicken goes tender and forms a crackly crust.

Baking Dessert

When baking, make your dough, as usual, depending on what you are to prepare. Before you make the paste, make ground coffee and ingredient. Add to the water until it gets the coffee color. You can add a pinch of chocolate to deepen the color. Kneed your dough appropriately and make the brown cakes and even chapatis. Coffee enhances the flavor of the baked treat hence you cannot afford to miss on the delicacies.

Making mocha Overnight oats and a mocha drink

It is made using leftover coffee. Thus, you should not be in a hurry to drain it in a sink. In a jar containing oats, almond milk, cocoa powder and maple syrup, add your left-over coffee. Mix to homogenize and place the mixture in the fridge. Leave it for the night and who knows? It might be your breakfast the next morning. For a mocha drink, mix a half cup of coffee and a half cup of chocolate. Whisk with milk, sugar and cocoa powder as you heat. Heat the mixture until it is ready to serve. You can take the drink with your Mocha breakfast.

Flavoring ice cream

Making your coffee ice cream at home is easy. Either way, you can convert your already, made ice cream flavor to acquire a coffee taste. Add ground coffee to your ice cream can and beat to make the mixture homogeneous. Ensure that the cream is soft to enjoy.

Coffee smoothie

Put nut butter, a banana and brewed a brewed cup of coffee in a blender. Blend to mix the ingredients until a thick, soft smoothie is achieved. For the drink to be more filling, add some oats and continue to blend again. Pour on a mug and add some chopped chocolate on top. You can have the smoothie for your breakfast or an afternoon. Also, it can serve as a takeaway drink to work.

Making Southern red-eyed gravy

Instead of using milk, a southern red-eye gravy is made using leftover coffee. Using moderate heat, mix equal parts of bacon fat and flour in a skillet. Stir to homogenize as you add brewed coffee. Keep stirring to acquire a thick paste. Pour the paste over your breakfast oatmeal and top a fried egg. You can serve for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. It goes well when served with bacon, toast or eggs.

Making Coffee Chia Pudding

Plain Chia seed pudding has now become a bore. It is time you change the fruity toppings in your pudding. You can mix brewed coffee with chia seed, milk, and some vanilla flavored bean powder. Stir to homogenize and put the mixture in the fridge. Leave it in the fridge for the whole day and be engaged somewhere productive. After the days’ hassle, you will be hovering in the house looking for something to put in the mouth. It is a nice after work dessert that you will first spot once you go to your kitchen.