Food dehydrator vs freeze dryer – the Better option

To what extent do you love food? Well, most of you are food fanatics. You must have a freeze dryer or food dehydrator if you are prepared to do anything to have the freshest vegetables and ingredients in your menu. These machines allow you to store food and keep them fresh for a prolonged period. By doing this, you can have any type of vegetables on your plate all over the year regardless of the season of the year. However, which product is better when it comes to keeping your meat, vegetables or any type of ingredient fresh all through? To find out the better option, let us compare the two items, and the facts will determine the winning product.

Preserving Food with a Dehydrator

Some of you are probably asking, ‘what is a food dehydrator?’ Well, it is a unique machine that you can buy at any better-equipped store, and it enables you to remove the water from food products or vegetables so that it can be preserved or stored for a prolonged period. This process can be accomplished by freezing the fare in your freezer. The process is straightforward, but how fresh will your food products be once you remove them from the freezer?

You will typically make any type of food available throughout the year if you prepare it for storing. Besides, you will realize that the vegetables will still possess their taste and smell even after removing and defrosting them. The only con is that they will not be as fresh as the day you purchased them from the grocery. By fresh we imply that they will not be full of water. The primary reason is due to the entire process of dehydration. With this, you should consider acquiring Cuisinart food dehydrator as it is the best in the market.

Using Food Dehydrator

Food dehydrator eliminates water from your food to allow you to store it in the freezer. But you may ask, what is the essence of removing water from fare? Dairy, meat and vegetables tend to spoil over time. Food spoilage occurs when various chemical reactions occur in the food due to bacteria attack. The two primary factors that allow bacteria to attack your food and affect its quality are temperature and moisture. Bacteria are known to be active at a specific temperature. Therefore, you can prolong the freshness of your food by removing water and temperature. By dehydrating food, you will eliminate most of the water in it. But you need to desiccate it to be wholly sure that your food does not get spoiled.

Desiccation is a process of eliminating water from your food. This process transforms your fresh food into dry food. All of you are aware that dry food does not spoil. By dehydrating your food, it will not be fresh anymore, but it will retain its nutritional value. Besides, this does not mean that it will not taste, smell, or possess a similar structure as fresh food. Thus, a food dehydrator is the best when it comes to preserving your food for an extended period.

Freeze Dryer

If you may ask, what is freeze drying? Well, freeze-drying can be defined as one of the leading ways of keeping your food and vegetables fresh and edible for an extended period. The primary concept of freeze drying your food is to freeze it and then alter the pressure in the surrounding air. This process allows water in the food change to a gas chemical state from a solid state. You can see that the idea for food storage is similar. As water from your food transforms to solid state from liquid, it will become parish and finally acquire a gas chemical state. This action eliminates the two factors that enable bacteria to multiply, spread, and lessen the quality of your food.

The freeze drying process is also referred to as cryodesiccation or lyophilisation. The process of lyophilisation is primarily used in the food industry as it is majorly intended for transporting food on a large scale. The process makes the material compact and in an ideal state for transport. However, using this method to store food in your home is also recommended. Even if your food is frozen for a long time, this process enables it to retain its natural nutritional value.

Using Freeze Dryer

Using a freeze dryer is a walk in the park. You only need to cut your food into smaller chunks and bits so that it can fit properly in the freeze dryer. After doing this, set the temperature that you need to keep your food in, and initiate the cryodesiccation process. This gadget will simultaneously and automatically freeze your stored food and vegetables and change its structure so that water is removed from it.

Final Thoughts

Here, you probably want to know which product is superior between food dehydrator and freeze dryer. The question about nutritional value must be considered although the two products have variations of food processing features. Processing your food in a dryer is much more recommended in comparison to storing it in a freezer because it keeps the chemical structure of your food intact. The food dehydrator also guarantees that the nutritional value of your food is intact. For your individual use, you now know what item to go for.