8 Signs you’re addicted to Coffee

Coffee is not just a drink; it is a lifestyle. That hot frothy cup of coffee you take every morning helps start your day with vigor as you enjoy that rich, roasted aroma, the instant buzz, and the sweet but bitter taste it comes with. However, it is easy for you to get addicted to coffee and when you possibly walk down any college campus street, you will realize that you are not the only person that clings to that glass of coffee; many students hold cups of coffee on their way to class. Many people don’t realize that they are addicted to coffee because what pops into their mind is the urge to drink a hot cup of coffee and they are okay. If you are still wondering whether your coffee intake is an addiction or not, here is a list of eight signs that you are addicted.

  1. You can hardly concentrate without being caffeinated

When you take that cup of coffee in the morning, you stay alert and focused all day long thanks to the adrenaline provided by caffeine. If you are used to drinking it every morning before leaving for work or school, you experience trouble concentrating and completing tasks or brain fog if you don’t drink it.

  1. You get a headache if you don’t take it

If you are a regular coffee drinker and you decide to go a day or two without, you will experience pounding in your head. Coffee headaches are common and the chemistry behind it is that when you don’t consume coffee, your cerebral blood flow experiences changes because caffeine slows down the flow of blood in the brain.

  1. You feel nervous

People are different and therefore, they process coffee differently. Some people can consume as many as three cups without any problem, while some are more sensitive even after taking one cup. If consuming high doses of coffee makes you feel anxious, edgy, nervous, nauseated or jittery, it is a clear sign that you are addicted and the best time for you to cut back. The caffeine symptoms you feel are as a result of stress created by the coffee via adrenaline.

  1. You cannot imagine giving up coffee

Taking that hot cup of coffee every day becomes a habit and if you can never imagine a world without it, you are probably addicted. However, there is always a solution to every problem and if you would like to cut down your coffee intake, do it gradually to get good results without shocking your body.

  1. Having an emotional connection to the coffee

As stated earlier, coffee is a lifestyle and if you are always jubilant to get a fresh cup of coffee in your hands but sad when taking the last sip, you might be addicted.

  1. When you need more coffee to get the same effect

If you used to take one cup of coffee a day but now you take five cups a day to get the same effect, it is without a doubt that you are addicted. The reason behind this is that taking a lot of caffeine on a daily basis develops tolerance in your body, such that your body will require more caffeine to produce the same effects. If consuming one cup of coffee does not have any effect on your energy levels, chances are you are addicted because your body has become immune to the effects of caffeine.

  1. Consuming more coffee than water

It goes without saying that water is very important in the human body. Doctors recommend that you must consume at least two liters of water every day. Water in the human body is important to help in the maintenance of body fluid balance. In fact, 60% of your body is water. The bodily fluids help in absorption, the creation of saliva, digestion, maintenance of body temperature, and transportation of nutrients. However, if you find out that you are consuming more coffee than water, you are addicted and your body might suffer from dehydration and you should cut your coffee intake as soon as possible.

  1. You spend too much money on coffee

Coffee is a drink which should be consumed at most twice in a day. Taking one hot cup every morning may brighten your day because your body gets adrenaline. However, if you realize that you are spending too much on coffee, for instance, more than $25-30 every week, this could be a clear sign that you are addicted.

Final thoughts

Coffee is a drink that everyone wants to have on their table. It provides adrenaline that keeps you focused and alert all day long. However, consuming more than you are used to might be a sign of addiction, and you should cut your daily intake gradually to prevent your body from shock.